Business Consulting
Leadership and Culture Development: Partnering with businesses looking to grow and elevate their performance by deep diving into their current culture, thinking, and values, and together shifting practices and mindsets to raise levels of performance and effectiveness in record time. Key areas include organizational change, process improvements, business performance, and expansion.


Personal Coaching
Breakthrough Transformation: Examining current beliefs, getting clear on goals and objectives, and chartering a plan to get there. We all want to live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives. Miriam facilitates and accelerates the process of living your best life in a way that is uniquely authentic to you. 


Career guidance and re-invention: Delivered through a proven method of empowering individuals in search of a new job, making a career change, or disenchanted in their current profession. Our work is our platform for manifesting our talents and purpose, and we should never settle.