A leader in organizational transformation, business performance, and expansion, Miriam has been recognized for catapulting sales, developing top-performing teams, and consulting for top fortune 500 companies in the oil and gas, retail energy, telecommunications, and Human Resources industries.


She has been called a success expert and is passionate about helping individuals and organizations accelerate and solve from what is holding them back in reaching their full potential. A life-long learner, Miriam’s approach is collaborative, innovative, and uplifting. Individuals and organizations can transform instantly when they are ready for change. She specializes in working with clients in creating sustainable breakthrough results.


Miriam has been trained in different methodologies, including LEAN, Six Sigma, and Dare to Lead™. Miriam was born in Mexico City and is fluent in Spanish. She moved to Houston at the age of nine, where she resides with her wife, Bing, and their two rescue dogs, Ginger and Charlie.

Areas of Expertise:

•   Transformation Coach

•   Empowering individuals in Career, Life, and Relationships
•   Writer, Speaker, Consultant
•   Diversity and Inclusion
•   Process Improvement